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Brian Watson

At J Thomson Colour Printers we take our responsibility to quality…..

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At J Thomson Colour Printers we take our responsibility to quality, the environment and Health & Safety seriously and have a robust system in place to ensure rigorous adherence. As a result, we have the following accreditations:• ISO 9001(Quality)• ISO14001(Environment)• ISO45001(OHAS) and• FSC (Chain of Custody)

We are externally audited on each of these standards annually and since 2019 have been audited 20 times. During that period, we have recorded ZERO (0) non-conformances….
This is a remarkable achievement, one which we’re extremely proud of, and demonstrates an excellent level of commitment from all employees in ensuring the continuing success of the business.

JTCP End of Year 2023

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As we reflect on 2023, we would like to celebrate our wonderful suppliers’, customers and employees. It was an amazing year full of challenges, opportunities and successes and here are just some of the highlights.

Employee Of Quarter – Stevie Whitelaw – Digital Department

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The Employee Recognition Award for quarter three of 2023 goes to Stevie Whitelaw from our Digital Department.

Since joining in 2016, Stevie has become a vital member of the team. Conscientious and reliable, he brings great knowledge and experience to the department. A fully committed member of staff who sees no task as too much effort, his daily output is incredible and that contribution plays a big part in the continued success of digital.

He is a great character who is popular within the team. Congratulations

Inter-departmental 5-a-side tournament 2023

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The biggest football event in Scotland this week took place in Glasgow and featured flying elbows, flared tempers, diving tackles, loud booing from a section of the support and a dodgy referee. No, it wasn’t the Scotland v England friendly international – it was the @jthomsoncolourprinters inter-departmental 5-a-side tournament, kindly sponsored by Elliot Baxter.

After 2 hours of combat, on a stiflingly hot afternoon the oldest team in the tournament, by some distance, emerged victorious. Congratulations to the winners, Bryan Reid, Peter Shepard, Graham Watson, Martin Coyle and Kevin Creechan – the Customer Service Team – who showed the younger teams a thing or two about football, no doubt helped by the fact that they wore green and white strips according to @kevincreechan

A big thanks to everyone who turned up on the day, whether watching or playing, to Elliot Baxter for their support and to Brodies Bar for hosting the very liquid after party. 🏆⚽🍺

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Summer of Sports 2023

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Keep track of the sporting summer exclusive poster.
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In the summer of 2022 England’s women’s football team won the final of the Euros, a tournament that caught the imagination of the country and gave the sport the platform it’s been craving for years. It was seen as a defining moment for the women’s game and has been followed by increased funding and media exposure.

In Scotland, it’s not moving quite as quickly, but it’s getting there.   We caught up with our Operations Manager, Bryan Reid, to discuss his involvement in the game when he’s away from work.  As an Academy coach for Kilmarnock FC Women, Bryan volunteers two nights each week and every Sunday to coach the Under 8 / Under 10 age group.

“I got involved the same way as most coaches in youth football, through my daughter Sophia.  She joined Kilmarnock FC Women at a time when they were short of coaches.  I had previously coached my sons and already had some qualifications so I offered to help and within a few weeks I was all in! It’s now an exciting time to be involved with the club.  They are investing in the women’s side, have employed Jim Chapman, an experienced manager with a wealth of knowledge to not only lead the senior first team but to head and restructure the girls Youth Academy.  They are already making great progress towards becoming a more professional set up and that can only be a good thing for the club, the community and of course the girls.

It’s also, surprisingly, a great way to unwind.  Most people would expect it to be a stressful environment, dealing with a group of kids aged from 6-10 but it’s the opposite.  Regardless of how my day has been at work, I give myself a reminder before every session that I’m the person responsible for making each girls time constructive and fun.  For most, these 90 minute sessions can be the highlight of their week so I can’t let them down by being in the wrong frame of mind.

It’s a privilege being involved by giving up a little bit of my spare time to play a part in the growth of the kids, both in football and hopefully in life – it’s so rewarding”.

People Create Print : Kim Rice, Financial Controller

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On National Numeracy Day, we decided to catch up with our Financial Controller Kim Rice.
 Read her Q&A’s here.

1. Kim, you joined the company when Alastair Baird retired, how has your first year been?
It’s been great. I left my job of 15 years in practice so coming to J Thomson’s was a big change for me, but I get to work with an amazing team of people which has made the move more rewarding than I thought it would be.

2. Did he give you any pointers that has made your transition into the role easier?
One thing he said to me was ‘just enjoy it’ and so that’s what I tell myself when Kevin appears 5 minutes after closing off the month looking for the results!

3. Have you always been interested in the financial side of business?
Yes, pretty much. I started my career in accountancy at 16 as a junior accounts assistant and have never looked back.

4. When you were younger, what did you want to be?
Aside from obviously wanting to tour the world as a backing dancer for the likes of Beyonce (never say never, right!?) I knew from primary school age I would be an accountant.

5. Have you learned anything about print since you started?
I like to think I have, but really only scratched the surface – there’s a lot to learn!

6. When you are not working what do you like to do?
Spending time with my boys.

7. You are having a dinner party, who would you invite (dead or alive), why?
All my friends and family plus Gordon Ramsay because I ain’t cooking…

8. The old favourite, you are stuck on a dessert island, you are allowed one person and one item what/who would they be?
I couldn’t pick just one person, so I would take a blanket and cider instead!

9. You win the lottery, where would you like to travel to?
Somewhere off grid where no-one can reach me.

10. e are printing your autobiography, what is the title?
‘I am Kim.’

People Create Print : Nadav Dar, Digital Pre-Press Junior

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Nadav Dar is studying Graphic Design at college and working part-time as our Digital Pre-Press Junior.
 Read her Q&A’s here.

What are you studying at college?
I am studying a HND in Graphic Design at City of Glasgow College.

Do you plan to do a further qualification after HND?
Yes, I plan to study the Design Ba(hons) course.

Have you always been interested in design?
I originally wanted to do illustration, but the Graphic Design course looked more appealing, and I thought that I could develop a wider range of skills.

What area of design do you enjoy best?
I love experimenting with different media, I especially took a liking for screen-printing. I also enjoy working with typography, having done several type based projects I tend to lean towards creating interesting designs that are fun to look at.

How does your course compare to what you are learning at J Thomson?
Very different, studying covers different aspects of all that is available in graphic design but only scratches the surface at what is done in print. Print is a very new and exciting aspect of the design industry.

What are you hoping to learn from your time in Digital Pre-Press?
I want to expand my knowledge of the company and what it provides, learn new skills both digitally and practically and find an area within print that I excel at or just enjoy.

Ariundle Shortbread Packaging

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Last month we were delighted to design and produce this outer packaging for Ariundle shortbread.

It gave us the opportunity to showcase the quality of our design service, the Indigo digital presses and the flexibility of our new VeloBlade digital die-cutter, demonstrating that packaging is now accessible to all.