With book sales on the rise again and the novelty of eReaders fading, publishers are looking for local suppliers to print books in the country of sale to avoid the pitfalls of importing in the current market. The percentage of books that are printed in China is falling year on year and having robust print suppliers in the UK who can offer a fast and effective solution to publishers is critical for the industry.

J Thomson is the ideal print partner for publishers as we offer all the necessary services, in-house 24 hours per day, be it digital or litho print and in-house binding case or limp – our ability to produce high quality publications on demand is second to none. The mix of machinery also makes the business ideal to manage a publisher’s marketing collateral.

If you would like more details on how J Thomson can help your Publishing business, get the most out of your
printed message please contact Iain Cormack.

Iain Cormack


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