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Cycle to Work Day 2022

By August 4, 2022No Comments

It may be Cycle to Work day but for Iain Cormack and Graham Gilchrist every day is for cycling to work! Whilst they were against a lycra clad photograph, we asked them about their daily commute to work. How many miles do you cycle per day?

Iain – 15 miles

Graham – 10 miles

Do you ride in all weather conditions/seasons – do you have a favourite?

Iain – Ride in all conditions……preferably sunny

Graham – Yes, all conditions. Prefer the few days a year where waterproofs aren’t required.

Do you cycle for health, fun or environmental reasons (or other ie saving money)

Iain – Health reasons mostly

Graham – All of the above

Do you cycle the same route every day? (give brief description ie from where and is it mostly town or is there any greenery/country roads)

Iain – A few variations of the route, the main objective is to cycle through parks and avoid traffic

Graham – I cycle from Rutherglen to work and back. During the summer / better weather I change the route about as I get bored doing the same journey every day. Sometimes go into town and through Glasgow Green even though it’s a longer route. During the winter I stick to the main roads and go the quickest, most direct route to get home out of the wind & rain.

Do you listen to music (safely) and if so what are your go-to-tunes?

Iain – Yes; Queen, I want to ride my bicycle

Graham – No, safety first!! Need to keep your wits about you as not all drivers are courteous and give room on the road.

Do you cycle apart from to work? If so where is your favourite routes/areas?

Iain – Not very often

Graham – Not often but when I do it’s normally with my kids to the park with the obligatory stop at the ice cream shop.