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New Corporate Identity

By February 16, 2022April 20th, 2022No Comments

Covid – probably the most spoken word over the last few years. If not, it has been the uppermost thing on most peoples’ minds since the pandemic moved from theory to reality just under 2 years ago.

So, what do you do when normality collapses and business as you know it changes out of all recognition? When furlough, a word most people had never heard before becomes prominent in everyday language?

You adapt and well, change…

And change is what happened at J Thomson, literally, with the introduction of a new and modern corporate identity. One which moved the branding from a solid, corporate style to a more elegant and sophisticated style with a softer, fresher colour palette.

It is a change which recognises that J Thomson has moved gradually over the years from being a quality print provider to being a project partner with design and specialist finishing added to the range of services.

Kevin Creechan, Managing Director explains “the idea behind the new identity was to move away from an obvious ‘print’ graphic to a more elevated and elegant look. With a classic logotype reflecting our longstanding heritage in the print industry, it positions us alongside our peers and high end clients.”

Over the past two years we have slowly and carefully updated corporate stationery, internal and external signage, workwear and vehicle livery to reflect the change and to promote and establish the new brand – we also supplied branded face masks for those who worked through the pandemic.

Employees returned from a long furlough period with a new and bright perspective seeing the changes, knowing that the company had not only survived the pandemic but was investing in the future.

Change always creates uncertainty but in business it is inevitable. Standing still is not an option and to survive we needed to evolve.

As we continue to manage our way through Covid with our new corporate identity we have signalled that we are here for the long haul, and we go into 2022 embracing change and ready for what is thrown at us next.

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