Family (have to say that really), sport and
rare moments of quiet time...

Gregory’s Girl...a Scottish classic!

Just far too many to list!

David Stewart


In 2011 when J. Thomson was looking to open an office in Aberdeen, David was the first choice to help them do that.

He has an excellent reputation in the north and east of Scotland and has been supporting clients in those areas for over 20 years, providing them with the benefit of his experience and in-depth knowledge in all aspects of print and direct mail.

In his spare time he doubles as a taxi driver to his two football daft boys and still throws himself around a badminton court when time allows…despite the discomfort and pain it inflicts!

He likes challenging situations, but please, he says – “just not on every job…”
01224 392331 | 07720 972096
12b Carden Place, Aberdeen AB10 1UR