The dog, amongst other things...


American History X or The Holiday – what a contrast!

Impossible to answer, but probably by The Stone Roses

Elizabeth Clinton


As head of Digital, Elizabeth works closely with Graham Gilchrist to ensure that the department is run in a smooth and efficient fashion, which given the nature and spontaneity of digital production is no mean feat.

She joined J Thomson 18 years ago from a print finishing background and worked in customer service before transferring to help set up the division from a standing start 15 years ago.

Renowned for being a huge fan of music she was most likely to be found at any gig or music festival at weekends, but now she prefers to spend her time walking the dog. Not at all boring, just maturing…
0141 418 5321 | 07850 203746
14 Carnoustie Place, Glasgow G5 8PB