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Alastair Jeffrey


Alastair joined J. Thomson from a marketing role, at what is now SQA, in 1994 and for over 26 years has been trying to convince us that he was only 18 when he started.

He is based in Glasgow but spends a large portion of his working week working with clients in Edinburgh and the east.

Alastair’s strength has always been his ability to develop excellent, long-term working relationships with a diverse range of customers and although he has a wide client base he does tend to specialise in the education, arts and design sectors.

When not working he loves playing golf, cooking, listening to music, singing and sitting in his garden with a glass of wine. His long suffering wife, family and friends like him best when he is eating food or drinking wine. It means he’s not singing!
0141 418 5316 | 07836 704905
14 Carnoustie Place, Glasgow G5 8PB